I’ve been told, time after time, that I am a hard person to shop for. I’m random, thats the problem. When someone buys a present there is a thought process. With me, everyone knows there is no thought process. Well, there is but its quite simple: “ARGH PRETTY, MINE!”


I cause stress to many people. This page isn’t a, “Omg, buy me it because you read my blog.” It is a, “Aw Crap, Audge got me a birthday present so I guess I better find her something… ” innuendo.


http://etsy.com <— Awesome! I love the prints, the puppy stuff, the fashion, I love it all! If it is a pooper scooper but you say, “I uh, got it from Etsy?” HERO! INSTANT SUPERMAN IN MY EYES!

Actual Superficial Artifacts

1. My blackberry is ugly. It is pink (ugh) and has a, ugh, white cover. I want the bright blue cover.


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