Fenris and the Axe!

I went in for my meeting, sweating and nervous. Lo and Behold, it went amazing. It was just my 6 month evaluation. I came to the understanding that I’m far too hard on myself, I struggle with feedback and always feel the need to defend myself, and my boss isn’t as scary as I had thought.

The next day, my entire outlook changed. I wasn’t walking on eggshells, I could relax around the kids, I could laugh again and not feel angry or scared.

It was nice.

I made an appointment to get Fenris snipped. Ty. had felt alot of empathy towards this so when the lady asked, “do you want the extra bloodwork?” and, “Laser costs more then scapel but it hurts less…” I was all for it.

I can’t imagine the horror I would have to endure by Ty. if I hadn’t. “Are you out of your MIND? HE IS HAVING HIS NUTS CHOPPED OFF AND YOU CARE ABOUT A FEW BUCKS TO SPARE?!”

….Shudder. Boys are crazy.