Ode to Facebook

I have converted into a facebook addict again. Well, the bandwagon is still within grasp if I chose to save myself again but I really doubt it because this time; I have a plan.

I’m going to be extremely selective over who is on there. Only people who are actual friends (and not friends in the sense of, “I’m going to smile awkwardly because I never see you…” way). Friends who I wouldn’t think, “Shit, they are asking me out to a movie, any excuse, come on brain, don’t let me down!” but would rather willingly even pay for their popcorn and drink.

No aquintances, no co-workers, no old room-mates, no old ties.

Family is a given even if I don ‘t like some of them… (I kid, I kid!)

But yes, I am back and I love it.