I had a very good, GOOD Friday!

Yesterday was amazing. Woke up early, laid in bed beside my sleeping lover. flipping aimlessly through a digital camera photography book. Grabbed some laundry and went to my moms condo. While waiting for the laundry, I grabbed a peppermint tea from the Broadway Roastry and proceeded to window shop… literally. All the stores were closed.

Boyfriend treated me to some Subway, went home and had a nap with the amazing scent of lavender wafting through the house. Woke up, went to Manos’ with his parents. They treated us- I had the hamburger!

Came home, met with S & S, my neighbors, and went to the local pub. Liquid therapy at its best, my stomach sure did love me, but my liver.. er, not so much. Raspberry beer, paralyzers, appletini, and a vodka slime. The best part was the chocolate eruption cheesecake.

Went home, fell asleep in the familar arms of Ty, had good dreams.

What did YOU do?


Ode to Facebook

I have converted into a facebook addict again. Well, the bandwagon is still within grasp if I chose to save myself again but I really doubt it because this time; I have a plan.

I’m going to be extremely selective over who is on there. Only people who are actual friends (and not friends in the sense of, “I’m going to smile awkwardly because I never see you…” way). Friends who I wouldn’t think, “Shit, they are asking me out to a movie, any excuse, come on brain, don’t let me down!” but would rather willingly even pay for their popcorn and drink.

No aquintances, no co-workers, no old room-mates, no old ties.

Family is a given even if I don ‘t like some of them… (I kid, I kid!)

But yes, I am back and I love it.

Hashbrowns With A Twist

1/2 Green pepper, diced.

1/2 onion, diced.

1/2 tomato, diced.

4 cups of hashbrowns

2 eggs

Start cooking your hashbrowns on low, cut up the veggies. Then, add the veggies. About a third of the hashbrowns being cooked, add in the two eggs with a dash of pepper. Then, if your feeling extremely crazy, slip some syrup in. Delish!


Mwah, I just made this at work for the kids. I completely made it up, all mine. My first recipe. Hashbrowns with veggies, who would have thought it!

Killjoyed and Depressed!

Last night was full of Martinis, Cherry Paralyzers, Apple Pie Shots, and Vodka Slime. I had fun until we started on and on with work.

Then, in my drunken stupor, I got depressed. When your drunk and depressed, its hard to stop. I was such a killjoy. The boyfriend and I left at 1 while they went to another bar.

Now, I’m sober and embarrassed. Ick.

However, I just checked my bank account and my boyfriend paid for everything to make me feel better… I feel alot better.

J. and A. were fabbity fab, A. has the most hilarious life in the world. She is seriously a less glamerous version of Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City. The only reason I say less glamerous is becuase of where we live, its not exactly red carpet.

She told us all the funny dating stories and meet and greets her single little self has been up to. I love that girl!

All in all, a C- for a girls night, due to my depressed killjoy self. (depressed and killjoy should never go in the same sentence. It just screams suicidal tendencies!… which I don’t have.)

Sick. Sleep. Alcohol.

Gross, I’m sick. But I do have nice eyebrows. My throat is full of gross, my nose is full of grosser, and my eyes are full of sleep. I feel like an awful parent- I got angry at Fenris because he eats my panties, so I put him in his cage. Then, I had a bubblebath and curled into bed with Alias Grace and bada-boom, I’m asleep. This was at 12. I woke up at 4. My dog was locked in his cage for over 4 hours. Ick.

I’m heading out with my friends A. and J. tonight for a drink- I deserve it. After a ‘Session’ with E. I am normally fairly emotional and exhausted. Good session though, got alot off my chest.

Hmm. I’m going to make a ‘Who?’ page. xo. A-Dub.