I’m A-Dub.* I live in a freezing cold/scalding hot apartment in Canada. I live with a boy and I’m Roman Catholic. I have a little dog named Fenris who is my furbaby- He is pretty hilarious. I work with kids and I enjoy my job, most days. My mom is my best friend, my sister and I rarely if ever get along… (but we love each other to pieces, figure that one out) and my brother Bruce and I are pretty cool. I drive an SUV even though I’m green and I like to cook but it always turns out burnt. Oh yeah, I’m EVERYTHING in this world, in a little brown body. Its pretty cool…

xo, a-dub.

* I’ve attempted to blog with my real name and I got discovered. Then I moved about 20 times in 2 months before it got old, pretty fast. My real name isn’t A-Dub. I just don’t want to tell it in case I get re-found. If this is found by someone I know, good for you. I’m not leaving again. All personal stuff, I’ll password protect. E-mail me @ adub0@rocketmail.com for that.


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