So, I’m trying to maintain confidentiality of my life but instead, it sounds like a mere algrebra equation. Who is WHO?!


A.- is my friend from work who is very lovely. She is the most down-to-earth girl on her personal conquest to find Mister. Right

Amanda.- This is my bestest friend. We have known each other since we were mere infants. She is a sister that I never got to chose. She is my <3.

Bruce- This is my brother. He is hilarious. We aren’t very close but when we are together, we are unstoppable!

BeBe: Aw, this is my niece. She is one and a half years old and completely stuck up and snobby. What a princess! If she doesn’t like you, she will have absolutely no problem gunning you down and her favorite word to scream is NO!

DeDe- Shes a friend from the daycare. She is so funny, has a daughter who will tell you where to go even though shes only 6, and if your really lucky, you might find her own blog lurkin’ around my site… HINTHINT.

E.- This is my saviour. She is my therapist/counsellor/confidante/halo. I go in there, tell my problems, and then feel gorgeous about myself. Well, normally. Sometimes, I feel conflicted more but thats because I’m self-analysing. I like her alot.

Fenris- my furbaby aka bichon/shihtzu puppy that Ty. and I own.

J.- J is my girlfriend from work. Shes awesome, funny, and a good reality check when you need one.

La.- This is my best friend from when I lived in Edmonton. I’ve never had someone change my life so drastically and for the better. I’ve never felt like I was ever truly understood by anyone until I met her. This girl is my closest friend. We rarely talk but that doesn’t matter, we still love each other more then anything. I’m naming my firstborn after her!

N.- This is my older sister. Me and her never get along but we love each other to death. N and I call each other just to fight almost every single day. Its our normal thing to do.

R.- This is a friend from India who I met in college. He had such an impact on me and I will always consider him my big brother. I miss you!

Ta.-  This is my full blood younger sister who is a year younger then I am. She was adopted when we were younger (long story) and we recently found her again in 2009. It has been fun to re-aqquaint ourselves.

Ty.- This is my amazing beautiful boyfriend. I don’t even call him Ty. I have my own nickname for him but if I use it, I will get found. His real name is Tyler. I NEVER call him that.

TooToo: This is my heart, my newphew. He is an adorable 7 year old mischevious boy who makes me laugh and remember the finer things in life. This boy is one of the reasons I try to be such a good person on a daily basis.


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