To Do?


1. Find Ty. a doctor. Yayyyy!!

2. Actually BUY a gym membership and get movin’!

We decided we might be moving out of our apartment so this was axed.

3. Visit Ty’s parents. I love them to death.. I’m embarrassed that I actually have to put this on a to-do list but… No. forget it. I’m not. It ranges on the, “Your pathetic.” line.

3.  Get all recycling out of the house and into respective places.

Hum… I think I did this, so a half cross off. I did some, not all.

4. Sign up for Flikr and find out cousins’ flikr/youtubes. Stalk them. Kidding.

My bad!

5. Do something nice to Ty. I bought my nephew some spiderman totattoos… I just have yet to give them?


1. Read an entire Jane Austen novel.

2. Bake some hand pies.

3. Investigate camera classes.

4. I can’t write this on here since the boyfriend reads my blog but… erg. K no more hints!

5. Eat a piece of gum.  DONE! I’m so hardcore.


One Response to “To Do?”

  1. cJs Says:

    Jane Austen!!!!!!love her books, which one you going with?

    i did lit in Uni so this excites me immensly!!

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