The boyfriend and I are moving out of our apartment. Our last day there is August 31st, 2009. We decided it doesn’t hold the greatest memories (me) and that the rent is too high.

This is my favorite story of all time. I’m going to share it. My boyfriends name is Tyler. I never call him that. His name is Usdm, pronounced, Uhs-Dumb.

I lived in Edmonton, Alberta. I had a boyfriend named K-Dawg. We weren’t happy by a longshot, but we were commited. Well, he was. We moved in together June of 2007. My gut was screaming, “Don’t you dare do this..” but I’ve been known to throw caution to the wind often. I think we both knew this would be a disaster but we didn’t have other alternatives.

So, we moved into this townhouse. We begin fighting and screaming every single day. We absolutely despised each other. Long story short: it wasn’t working. We were such different people. He was all military and I was all, “lets dance around in our underwear and prank call people.” He thought my job of working in group homes was a waste of time, I thought his anal-ness of chasitizing me for jaywalking was stupid.

Him and I came from Saskatchewan. Christmas of 2007, we both travelled home from Edmonton. We went to a party of one of my girlfriends. K-Dawg refused to drink and I couldn’t stop my liquid therapy. He played videogames all night by himself.

I walked in wearing a red sweater dress with leggings. He walked in with a leather jacket and a dress shirt. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. We flirted all night infront of K-Dawg. K-Dawg probably didn’t care too much. Usdm walked over to me and asked me my name. I told him and asked his.. He said “Sean.” All night, I called him Sean. One night, on facebook, I found him tagged. It was Sean from the party! His tagged name said: Usdm Friend. Huh? I added him with a quick hi. We started chatting on MSN Messanger. By this time, I was back in Edmonton.

He said: I have to tell you something.. my name isn’t really Sean, its Tyler.

 I said: Huh? I’m confused.. first your Sean, and then your Tyler, and who is Usdm Friend?

He said: lol. Usdm friend is something me and my friend Brian have going on.. its an aconym for United States Domestic Motors.. its a car thing.. My real name is Tyler.

I said: Ok, you lied! You lied! From now on, from here on in, you shall be called: Uhs-dumb. After your facebook.

Usdm. Usdm. Usdm. Thats all it has ever been for me. Sometimes, I call him Ussy. A nickname for a nickname. I’m strange. Anyways, back to the story..

I remember laying in bed, beside K-Dawg, thinking of Usdm. I knew I was in trouble. K-Dawg and I broke up in January, but we still had to live together. We couldn’t afford to leave our lease. By this time, the fighting was excruiating. You ever been madly in love and in a warzone? Don’t do it.

Usdm and I fell for each other fast in February. I moved home in May 2008, leaving K-Dawg with a mess he never helped me clean up in the first place. We spent every summer day being reckless, stupid, and madly in love. I lived in my moms quarter of a million dollar condo, but I wanted to be with him. We moved in together in July 2008. I haven’t looked back since. Yes, we fight. Yes, we make up. Yes, I love him more then anything or anyone. If we had to live in a box, I’m down as long as he cuddles me to bed every night still.

Our apartment was our first year. That first year can be rough. Pushing the first year into a whirl-wind romance thats on speed makes it worse. We fought, I didn’t expect Mister to get mad at me for not flushing the toilet- it was an act of love for the planet? He didn’t understand why it wasn’t okay to party until 3 am and leave me at home anymore? Its actually your turn to do the dishes? No. It isn’t. Yes. IT IS.

Sometimes, when I had a rough day at work, I run out of my car, through the puddles, the rain has chilled me to the bone, I can’t shivering, I’m angry at my life, my hair is a mess… I run up the stairs, barrel into the apartment and he grabs me, wraps his arms around me and pulls me into his chest… and with a sigh, “You shit.. you forgot your jacket again. I plugged in your cell phone for you. It was dead. again.”

i love you, i love you, i love you.

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One Response to “1-4-3”

  1. cJs Says:

    awwwwww, this really bought a smile to my face.

    either that or the glass of red wine i’ve been sipping on is starting to affect my mental capacity lol

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