Model Mayhem

I found this gorgeous make up on a model in the dentist on Friday. She has the same(ish) face as mine and the make up article had me at “rosebowl”.

Don’t tell anyone… but I switched seats into a secluded corner- AND I RIPPED THE PAGE OUT AND STUFFED IT IN MY PURSE!

..Such a rebel. 200x200_photo189151


Sarah Daniel Dolphin


3 Responses to “Model Mayhem”

  1. Maki Says:

    OMG, I love this makeup!!!

    I’ve always wanted to learn these nice natural makeup.. so dreamy:)

    ps, thanks so much for your kind words… it meant a lot to me:) xoxo

  2. Alanna Says:

    hah! I’ve ripped pages out of magazines at my dentist’s office too! It’s tough to be discrete when you’re tearing things apart.

    And I love this make-up too. It’s understated, but totally beautiful.

  3. dionne Says:

    So you’re the person ripping out the pages in the magazines, hehehehe. I go to the hair salon and whenever I am reading a magazine, there will be an interview, and one of the pages will always be ripped out, so I can’t get to the end, lol. Maybe this makeup pic was on the other side of the interview.

    Love it though, it’s really pretty!

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