I was supposed to do this last Tuesday? Shit.

1. Buy Tyson a birthday present.

2. Make a decision about a gym. (We chose Mawson, just waiting to find a time to begin.. right now isn’t so good with my boyfriends little mouth.)

3. Make a plan for hosting a get-together at my apartment. (Once again, we decided on this weekend but completely forgot about my boyfriends mouth. A blackberry can only do so much!)

4. Clean out my vehicle. (Erm… its still cold out? Excuses, excuses!)

5. Get boyfriend a doctor. (I’m so selfish… If I were to change this to say, “get ME a doctor” I’d have another striked off the list… Damn boyfriend!)

So we still have a birthday present to buy, a car to clean, and a doctor to find?

Lets try again..

1. Find Ty. a doctor.

2. Actually BUY a gym membership and get movin’!

3. Visit Ty’s parents. I love them to death.. I’m embarrassed that I actually have to put this on a to-do list but… No. forget it. I’m not. It ranges on the, “Your pathetic.” line.

3.  Get all recycling out of the house and into respective places.

4. Sign up for Flikr and find out cousins’ flikr/youtubes. Stalk them. Kidding.

5. Do something nice to Ty.


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