The Oscar Love

I’m drinking… gulping, chugging my double doubles at work. Last night was rough. Our neighbors dog came down around 8-9pm. They were at a staff party and we had keys to their apartment.

So Oscar and Fenris played until Oscar started getting frustrated with Fenris not backing off. We brought Oscar downstairs. Then, I fell asleep. I woke up to Oscar howling thoughout our apartment @ 11-12pm. Poor puppy. I had to work at seven in the morning and Ty. had blood streaming out of his mouth. Regardless, he went downstairs and got Oscar. Oscar is running around with Fenris, making tons of noise. I couldn’t shut them up! So I suggest Ty. goes and gets his crate and they will sleep side by side. He does.

We put them in their own respective crates. Finally, my head starts dozing and I hear him whimpering. I start talking to him and putting my fingers in his crate. He won’t stop. He gets louder.

Ty. and I agree maybe he needs Fenris. So we put Fenris in his crate with him. 20 minutes of pure quiet. Then, Fenris starts snoring and Oscar starts crying louder. Ick.

This time, its one in the morning. I’m in text with my neighbor about her dog. We experiment by bringing Oscar back downstairs to which he replies with screaming bloody murder. We bring him back up. I’m exhausted and Ty’s mouth is hurting and he just wants to lay down.

My boyfriend is a light sleeper so if he falls asleep and then has to answer the door to give them back their dog? No go. He knows he has to wait for them to return.

I feel guilty because this was my idea and I should be staying awake but Ty. re-assures me that I need sleep more then him.

Neighbours call and they say to put him downstairs, he should fall asleep, or maybe he can spend the night? I ask Ty. He shakes his head. He doesn’t want to be woken up in the morning because then he will be up early for good.

Bleh. We put him downstairs. He screams and barks and cries and I text her. It is two in the morning and he can’t stop barking. I know the neighbors are going to be pissed and I feel guilty: We care alot about these friends of ours. We are within 5 minutes of going back down to get him when luckily, they arrived home.

Needless to say, I snoozed about 6 times, ran in my car with my pajama shirt on, got my double-double, and ran into work. My co-worker looks and me and shakes her head, asking, “Holy, did you get any sleep? You are wearing the make up you wore yesterday.”

I nod, clutching my double double and tell her, “Gonna get right on that.” She laughs. I forgot to wear a bra.


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