Every single blog I read, the blogger seems to have the perfect life. Perfect husband, perfect job, perfect hobbies, etc.

I’m out of that competition. I’ve always failed at that.

High school: baggy pants, black eyeliner, dirty shirt, and I didn’t give a shit.

College: went to class in my pajamas, stayed up til 3 doing homework, puffy eyes, coffee in hand, dismayed hair.

After: cute but still struggling to ‘keep it together.’

… I’m okay with that. I’ve accepted that my thoughts are an oncoming train, my eyes don’t have the sexy doe look but more the deer caught in headlights, I wake up ten minutes before I have to be in my car, and sometimes, I don’t shower.

My boyfriend and I aren’t the perfect match but we are in love. Infact, I just told him to go fuck himself and he gave me the finger. I sleep with a stuffed animal, I drive a non-green SUV, and very rarely do I even need to wear a bra.

There I said it.

I’m not perfect. I don’t want to be.



2 Responses to “perfection”

  1. cJs Says:

    i knw wot u mean abt looking at other ple’s blogs and seeing how ur life is no where near theirs but thats the things its your life therefore it is wot it is.some days its great and some not so great and to be really and truly honest NOTHING IS PERFECT!

    and i enjoy reading about your imperfect world 🙂
    (mine is probably a little more imperfect to be honest but who cares!)

  2. adub0 Says:

    @cJs: I think thats why blogs are so appealing. You are able to dictate the way you appear to others. 😛 Love your blog!

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