Gym, Gym, Gym!

I need to join a gym. I need to be healthy and pro-active regarding it. There are two gyms near where I live: Mawson and World Gym. Both have their quirks and both are abolutely amazing.



Mawson Pros:

In the bathroom, there is a hair straightener with tons of amazing products, free to use!

Mawson Cons:

You have to pay extra to do the yoga classes, which I am really interested in.

Two of my co-workers go there which is good and bad at the same time.


World Gym Pros:

It is nicer on the inside regarding layout.

I’m probably more comfortable there, IE: less pipe makers.

The BEST part is the yoga/hiphop classes are included in membership! They also have better classes with much more variety.

Membership is cheaper for the two of us.

World gym Cons:

No hair products. 😦

…. ergh.


Bleck. My boyfriend still wants to check out both of them but I think this speaks for itself…

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