Ty’ funny little teeth xox.

Finally, my insurance for work has kicked in. I signed Ty. and I up for getting our teeth fixed and since he is under my insurance plan, I also made an appointment for him to get his wisdom teeth extracted.

I on the otherhand, have gorgeous wisdom teeth that don’t cause me any problems… His- total mess. I really wanted to go for moral support. He said no. I said I was entitled to be there, it was my insurance. He said no. I said I needed to be there, to hold his hand. He said no. I stomped my little brown boot and cursed him with dry socket. He rolled his eyes.

The reason I want to go so bad: see him on laughing gas.

So, I decided to watch a youtube extraction video and I almost passed out. There is absolutely no way I am entering that dentist office with or without him that day. I will order some laughing gas over the internet if I have to.

Don’t go watch it.


St. Patricks Day was fun yesterday. Sars and I got our lovers to a little pub across the alley and drank. Sars was pretty hilarious near the end of it. I love that girl!!!


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