So last night, before he left, he told me a story that was meant to make me feel better. He had told his friend Asian that he can’t be his ‘wingman’ anymore. Wingman? Yes. Wingman. Apparently, it is the wingmans job to boost up his friend, and if the girl of the wingmans friend has a friend shadowing along, it is the wingmans job to amuse her/distract her.

Er.. lame much. But apparently, he can’t do it anymore because he is too loyal and it feels wrong. Well, of course it feels wrong you idiot. I just kind of stared at him dumbly thinking, “Wow, if I were to do this, you would have a heart attack.”

He smiles happily and nudges his face into my neck to kiss it with a triumphant, “See? You have nothing to worry about.”

Idiot! He comes home @ 3, and I say, “No wingman business eh?” and the complete IDIOT started hugging me and saying, ‘oh a little bit here and there, I kind of did the boosting part and trying to get him to talk to her so I talked to her myself.”

I just looked at him dumbly again and asked if I just wasn’t ‘getting’ this wingman business. Probably the most dumbest conversation we’ve ever had, I’m still confused about it, and now, I crave salt and pepper wings something fierce.


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