d to the RUNK!

I’m a pretty fabulous if not mental girlfriend. Ty. just went on a pubcrawl with a less-then-ideal guy-friend. Normally, with my exes, I was the whole calling every 10 minutes, crying hysterically, waiting until 4 in the morning… Most ex-boyfriends didn’t have much of a life while they dated me.

So, Ty. is off and I’m proud to say that the only glimmer of physco he saw was when I was laying in bed watching him get ready and I glared at him and just belted out, “If you even think of it, I’ll slash your car tires.”

He rolled his eyes, kissed my nose, and said he loved me. I grinned and said, “I mean it.” to which he sing-sanged that I was crazy, and absent-mindly slid his arm through his dress shirt. Boy, he looked gorgeous.

I don’t even know why I would say that. I don’t think I could slash car tires even if I wanted to. I really don’t. I really wouldn’t. I’m really not that kind of girl although sometimes, I wonder what it would be like.

I think it was just shock of not having that overbearing worry flood over me. Instead, I felt calm and.. safe. I haven’t even called him yet. I haven’t felt sad or upset or worried. Oh my god. I’m actually OKAY with my boyfriend going to get trashed amidst tons of slutty as shit girls because deep down I know- hes it. I’m it. I love him and I trust him and I know he wants me and only me… and lets face it, I have a way cuter ass then ANY of em’ drunkies!


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