Orange you.. happy?!



SewSewEtc. Vintage Stationary

This is a gorgeous orange print stationary. She says its vintage- I disagree but it doesn’t matter.. its gorgeous. Can you imagine getting a letter on this little piece of love? Click picture for link.



I am not an overly fanatic of music. You know those people who are genuinely obsessed with music? Yes. Not me. In the least. I do like to listen to it when I work out (all 2 days of the year) and in my car but normally the radio works fine. I just want this because its so beautiful and vibrant and everyone else has one… superficial. I know. I also don’t care.wallpaper_20081113103712_9133679172_preview

I have a blackberry which I am addicted too. I would truly love to have this as a background but until I remember my username and password on I’m out of luck. :o(Victorias' Secret PINK line

I was made to wear this. My body was pre-conformed for when they decided this would look excellent on me. They full well knew that I would dribble ketchup on it, and that I would leave it on my bathroom floor, but they KNEW I would love it. endlessly. I love you.

il_430xn_61410625This is a glass bead. I don’t know where I would put it or how to show people without fear of breaking it but I’d be happy enough just to clutch this in my hand and never let it go. (Click picture for link..)Lush Karma Orange Bubble Bar

This is Lush Karma Bubble Bar. It smells like India. It reminds me of my friend R who is extremely sophisticated, down to earth, and cultured. He is from India. I miss him. I love the soap also.


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