Sick. Sleep. Alcohol.

Gross, I’m sick. But I do have nice eyebrows. My throat is full of gross, my nose is full of grosser, and my eyes are full of sleep. I feel like an awful parent- I got angry at Fenris because he eats my panties, so I put him in his cage. Then, I had a bubblebath and curled into bed with Alias Grace and bada-boom, I’m asleep. This was at 12. I woke up at 4. My dog was locked in his cage for over 4 hours. Ick.

I’m heading out with my friends A. and J. tonight for a drink- I deserve it. After a ‘Session’ with E. I am normally fairly emotional and exhausted. Good session though, got alot off my chest.

Hmm. I’m going to make a ‘Who?’ page. xo. A-Dub.


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