I want one!

My coffee is too sweet, my bedroom is a tornado in the making, and my hair is going to be crumpled if I wear this hat for too much longer.

I changed shifts so I work a 3-11 today but I’m awake for my regular 7-3. Thats called an internal alarm clark folks. (no really- it is.)

My friend from work was talking about getting a new duvet.

I realized I’ve had mine for over 4 years. I have brought it through my first nights in college, into my new bachelorette once I got booted from Residence, into the enemy lines from the ex and I moving intother. When I moved back home- it understood why it had to be stuck in a bag… in a rental unit.. because I had to live with my mom. We made sacrificies for each other. It stood by me faithfully as I moved in with my new boyfriend and through it all, its been lovely.

But, I still want another one? Eeek.


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